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Michigan is now a full-service sports betting state! Michiganders and visitors to the state can place sports bets on their mobile devices, their computers, and several different retail locations around both mdjsjeux bettingadvice. The online launch in January marked the endpoint of a process that began in December Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law two bills, S and Hwhich legalized sports betting both online and in casinos. Incidentally, the two bills also legalized internet poker, online casino games and online fantasy sports. In short, Michigan is quite the destination for placing a bet now.

Living off sports betting reddit agen betting

Living off sports betting reddit

Live betting lets you bet while the game is unfolding. Sportsbooks release new point spreads, moneylines , props, and totals before each period, quarter, half, inning etc. However, after five minutes of play, the Chiefs have scored a touchdown and the 49ers have done absolutely nothing.

When the fave gets down early in the first quarter, the line will shrink in favor of the underdog. Sometimes a favorite could even turn into a dog in live betting situations depending on the opening line. Other live odds opportunities are totals that are adjusted within the game depending on the amount of scoring.

If there is little to no scoring in the first and second quarter, a total that closed at 43 before the game might be offered later at 31 since a lower score is now projected. If a team goes down big, you might be able to get them at good odds to complete a comeback.

In-play betting on the Super Bowl is like being a kid in a candy store without parental supervision. You want extra jujubes? Go for it. You want to fill an entire jar with chocolate covered marshmallows? You got it. You want to bet live on whether or not the Saints are going to go marching into the end zone?

Do it. Pro football excels in live betting with props galore. You can bet on things like the first team to score in the third quarter and whether player X will rush for a certain number of yards. Who knows, you could find yourself on the winning end of some very smart bets. Live betting, also referred to as in-game betting or betting in running, is the ability for bettors to make additional bets after the game has already started.

Sometimes live bets are offered in between halves, quarters or periods, and in some cases, they are even offered after every single play or drive. Yes, with live betting, you can bet during a game. If you have multiple in-play wagers at your bet slip, you might lose the right momentum. What I'm trying to get at is, an instructional video that explains the aspect of betting on sports to someone who has no background with watching sports at all would be extremely useful.

If you don't know anything about sports, you could use my strategy and really dig yourself into a hole. There are a lot of sports that don't have great lines because the Intel doesn't really know anything about a matchup or sport. Tennis is a really good example of that, women's in particular. You could bet on a huge favorite and they could lose randomly. I'm not opposed to the idea but once again, I don't like the idea of being the reason people lost a lot of money. You can get money line bets anywhere.

Soccer is a sport I try to stay away from because of the draw option. You'll see one of the first bets I lost heavily on was when Real Madrid played at home against Malaga and got a draw will never forget that game. But you can still pick a side to win in soccer and I know people who are very good at it. The site I use is sportsbetting. I keep bringing this up, but I post all of my plays in the sports app Fancred. You can track it there. I do it there rather than anywhere else because the people on there have been in on my plays since the beginning and know I'm legit.

So I could basically follow along with your plays using my own money, and see what happens? You could. I do lose like any normal human does, so if you're ok with that then go for it. Just don't tell me that you're tailing my plays because it puts more pressure on me to be right.

I would've played Eagles spread at that point, but the moment never came. Word, I sort of did this years ago when the Nationals lost games in a season. Only small bets, much smaller than yours. I think I might look into this again. What sites do you use? Have you cashed out? I love that strategy. I look for hot trends and pounce. Like Packers, Patriots, Jake Arrieta, etc. It always helps when you know where to take advantage of plays. I explained this in a comment above. You should read The Black Swan.

I think he would believe I were kind of a fool based on the way I lose and am not ready to handle the times when favorites lose. I could be totally incorrect but the last time I looked into this a few years ago I gathered that in the US the act of sports betting online is not itself illegal.. Also, some states have their own laws against citizens being able to bet on sports online. I actually loathe daily fantasy.

It's throwing money away into a lottery IMO. I'm sorry, but if his strategy is to bet the heavy favorites you can find the answer to this question without asking it. I noticed its alot of money lines. Are you just betting your whole bankroll on the money line to these games? Each loss must be debilitating. I did up until the Real Madrid draw, but I still do it sometimes see Patriots this weekend. Depends on how I feel. I call those "life savings bets.

The key is to be patient. It's really easy to get hasty and want to play all the time. Have to pick your spots. I noticed you bet a lot in one day. Do you do any live betting when the outcome is pretty much determined? Or do you wait to in one bet and then put it into the next sure thing. I live bet and play when something looks like a lock. I've gotten away from that recently but that's how I started and got here.

You bring up a good point. A lot of my tennis bets, you'll notice there's a lot wagered to very little. I usually played when a player was up , or like , and serving for the set. NFL and NBA are harder to get away with that since the lines close when a team is up huge in the 4th.

Someone help him out, this is serious. I would bro but I'm in the same boat, luckily I preorder a while back. I get a little lazy about updating my spreadsheet, but I almost always post all of my plays on the sports app Fancred or by texting my friends. Sounds alright, also I've seen you do a lot of safe bets, do you think that is a viable way to make money even if you have very little to start with?

I think it definitely works as you can tell. I'd say like 8 out of 10 times it's a good strategy, and the other 2 are upsets that shouldn't happen but do because of a lackluster performance by the favorite. Michigan State vs. Nebraska, LA Kings vs. Columbus Blue Jackets, Roger Federer vs. Albert Ramos-Vinolas, etc. You cannot predict when those will happen, but you can manage your money so you don't lose as severely when they do. Will do, I will probably bet on football soccer for you matches though because that is what I have the most knowledge of.

I mostly watch the English Premier league which is known to be the most exciting league but also the most unpredictable, so not that is not that good for betting I suppose. I wouldn't have cared if Nebraska scored a touchdown regularly, but that it happened on a mistake by the ref is what upset me a lot. I wish they could would have called it back. Nebraska could have easily scored the way MSU's defense was playing. The thing is that they can't recall a judgment call that should have gotten called on the field, there was another instance in Miami Duke.

No, for a couple of reasons: 1. I think that business is a fraud. At that point, what are your buyers supposed to do?? You continue to sell your picks and they're running out of money. I don't like the thought of people profiting or losing off of my picks. It adds more pressure on me to make the right picks and I lose my focus. If they tail my plays and I never know, that's ok I guess. More importantly, I live bet a lot. So it's hard for me to stop what I'm doing just to tell people what all of my plays are.

Chances are after I'm done betting live, the line has significantly changed. A good example of that is when the Cavs were playing the Knicks last week. I bet that line so hard it moved to I suppose yeah, it heavily depends on the kind of betting you're doing. I mean more like the ones who run their trade on twitter, opposed to the pay to play ones. They don't charge for their tips and they usually will get a good amount in donations or their own winnings.

Michigan State losing to Nebraska was the worst beat by far. Not in terms of amount lost, but just by how badly the ref ruined the game on that last Nebraska touchdown call. The receiver was clearly out of bounds and came back in to catch it. Still don't know how they reviewed and said it was a touchdown. Since illegal touching is a penalty and no one threw the flag, they couldn't review that aspect. They must , by rule, review every scoring play or turnover, so they reviewed the touchdown.

Since there was no flag, they considered the catch a catch and checked for him stepping out of bounds or fumbling before the goal line, which didn't happen. TD stands. Yeah, I was just explaining the rules on that. A lot of people wondered why they reviewed it.

That's why. What sports do you bet on? Are there enough bets in that alone? Do you have to bet with a spread or can it be as simple as I bet X on X Team to win? I've been watching sports for a very long time now and am fairly knowledgeable about them all.

Football, basketball, baseball, cricket, tennis, are the ones I know most about. I kind of have an idea with soccer but not enough to use it for betting. NFL - sure. I play every week. Can you bet on just the line for NFL or does it have to be the spread?

For some reason I'm only allowed to do the spread. Also, this is a great post! Idk where you're betting but that's lame. It means you can't bet on underdogs to win straight up at all. I'm on sportsbettting. Maybe in just doing something wrong, il keep tinkering with it. Have you had any success with doing parlays or do you think it's better to just do single games? Ok, thanks for that. Il just stick to single games.

I also emailed customer support and they got back to very quickly saying they will have all the money line bets for the NFL up by 1pm today. I was just being impatient. Thanks for all your help and I look forward to seeing your pics on fancred! And I think there's enough for a down payment on one. Idk I've never bought a lamborghini before. You could get a used one for no problem.

Maintenance and stuff.. Well you better keep on your game Thanks for this man. I will be your disciple from now on so watch me grow. You have to watch out with NBA. Every team is very talented so anyone can win on any given night. Warriors at home is pretty much always a lock, but other than that anything can happen. Seems like it might be time to switch books.

They must know you're taking the high percentage bets, games where a team or player has nearly percent chance of winning. I heard some books have a certain amount you have to wager before cashing out. Also I still lose so it's not like I'm winning everything and taking all their money.

When I lose I take a big hit. Could you do a quick ELI5? How does the "to bet" and "to win" change each game? Does it have to do with the spread? What is the ML? What is the point of doing little things like that with a odds - just part of the strategy? Was packers your only bet? So sick, they split the pot. Glad to hear you are doing good man, Ive gambled for so long and its just pure fun and adrenaline for me at this point.

Still cant believe you went before your first loss. Even for sure bets, are never for sure! I tell you what man, bet against the chargers is all you have to do. Was very interesting to read your AMA and article. I'll be bringing that full account over in January for a first full season and expect a bankroll of 20kk this time next year.

Кого-то college football week 6 betting lines само собой

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Trust me this will end up much better than blowing it on big money tourneys. Then Hear.. Many pros lose a lot of money. People assume that they show a profit but they are fighting the rake. They are doing variance and covering all angles which also means a lot of losing lineups. Can you show a profit, yes. Odds are most of them go through tough spells where they are underwater until they hit a top 5 finish. Their programs do about 10 hours of research in 5 seconds to build an optimal lineup.

Now, I realize that situation is highly unlikely, but anything is possible. DFS is an entertainment expense that might pay off once in a while. Smaller jackpots but much better chance at taking a top prize. Also you have to be very contrarian.

I have a hard time doing that myself but when I do I have my best nights. The pros win because they hit on guys nobody else was on. Play for fun and enjoy a good sweat here and there and hopefully get lucky one night. I look at it this way, what I lose at a casino in an hour would last me a month of fun on Fanduel so I decide to skip the casino and let my entertainment money last me a little bit longer.

That can last an entire year with DFS. Want to increase your odds of winning? In order to really enjoy DFS , and be good…I think you have to take a liking to reading about sports, crunching numbers, and sweating over games. Another overlooked trait that you need is the ability to get over losing.

From what ive noticed…gamblers is that a bad word on here? Im one of them. Always make sure to play your cash game lineup in one gpp just in case it blows up. Give us a try we limit the max entry in any contest at Apparently the best way to make money on draftkings is to work for Fanduel. How many lineups are you using in cash games? A handful with little overlap, a handful where you swap out only a couple of key players, or a ton of different lineups assuming at the end of the day more than half you lineups are going to place?

Are you entering all your lineups in one big double up pool or diversifying your entries across as many contests as your bankroll with sustain? Fade it all in GPP. Half will have Hopkins if Davis is out and not shadowing him. Good results. They can accept the concept for a tiny amount but if you tell a pro bettor if you're going to bet that game for 2k, you need to go find an NFL teaser to bet on you know will burn EV, most can't do it.

And that's why most get limited quickly. Dumb books are dumb. Dumb books are the ones that limit you. No, you can't trick Pinnacle or Bookmaker. Yes you can trick the rest. I could afford to take extended time off if I really wanted to but this is my favorite thing to do anyway with all things considered which is where the mindset comes from. I know what you mean haha, I used to prop trade equities and I would wake up 4 hours before market open and continue watching hours after close.

I really only actually placed trades between AM when I saw them and didnt need to put so much workload on myself, but I loved it. Cool post. Great point on discipline which is true for anything like sports betting, poker, etc. Actually really anything in life. Variance is real and sometimes the absolutely perfect play just doesn't pan out. Curious generally where you're located and, if you want to disclose, what your 2.

I feel like my situation is a different case compared to the norm because as I said in my original post between the sports I focus on and the type of bets I make both live in game and normal pregame Im already seeing the outcome of a myriad of bets before even noon time so I know what direction to take going into the afternoon where the American sports start and the foreign sports conclude. You never want to make bets that make you nervous, you need to be calculated at all times and treat it like a business.

Obviously with most sport being cancelled have you had to survive off of savings or have you bet on things you wouldn't normally get involved in? It you're actually consistently profitable and doing this for a living. What's stopping you from making even more money by selling picks? If you sell picks, you risk destroying your own markets.

It's short sighted. Plus you have to build a brand, then deal with angry people who do not understand what variance is. Professionals wouldn't be spending their time here. If you are doing this for a living, then you would need to spend an insane amount of time either modelling or watching games. I think with COVID fucking up the economy, you will have a few more people who will try and become professionals. I know a dozen guys who gamble for a living or receive a majority of their earnings through sports wagering.

I am fairly certain none of them have any models and excepting one guy who is a huge sports fan, they all don't consider watching the games to be any sort of advantage. In fact, they consider it to be a disadvantage except for live betting. They are all market people. Their logic is that your algorithm or your sports knowledge is not going to be better than the oddsmakers so stop fighting that fight.

I mean obviously i like some spreads better than others, but at the end of the day it is me relying on my sports knowledge over the endless spread setting database. Vegas has shown it knows more time and time again. If the odds on spreads are set at , you have to win I am a poor person to ask this to because I get all happy and proud when I multiply two numbers correctly. Those much smarter than me might want to remind me of things like implied odds and so on but that's far above my head.

I like to think I am a pretty smart sports fan and I bet you are too. We're people just like you. I spend all day on a computer. Of course I'm going to be on reddit. I know a girl who was a personal assistant to one. She did all sorts of stuff but her main responsibility was to place bets.

He is banned at all las vegas casinos. Just go to a Vegas sportsbook and see who is there every day. Spoiler alert, most of these people look like rundown degenerates. Those who are properly organized both socially and financially have done well, but it's not for everyone. Others realised they were smart enough to use their skills at starting their own companies and two of them today run decent sized bookmakers and one runs one of the largest Asian brokerages in the World.

If you think like this, you most certainly won't stand a chance. It needs to be run like a business to be sustainable. Your bankroll cannot be your spending money. The number of actual successful people who bet on sports as their sole income is extremely small. For every legit pro sports bettor you have frauds, probably more. Anyone who is successful will not tell you about it, so anyone who claims to be one is a liar.

Yet, as successful as they are, I would never go pro with them. Which is not much and is a lot easier said than done. There's a good documentary about it on Amazon that I just found a couple days ago. It features several guys, one of which is Dink, whose former assistant wrote a book about it that later became the movie Lay the Favorite staring Bruce Willis, which I watched a long time ago and enjoyed.

That's me. I can echo alot of what the other pro said above. I only do baseball and I have not had a day off since KBO started. Since MLB has been running again, it's hour days until the end of the season. I don't think it's as stressful as most think.

It depends on what you're betting and how properly bankrolled you are. For me, my stress hinges on if I wake up one day and I get limited at a certain book. There's no stress in job performance as you can see each day versus the market if your skill is still up to par. If you know what you're doing you're always going to be overall ahead of the market and know that you'll eventually come out on top.

There's not much stress in the swings with a proper bankroll and a big sample size. With baseball, it's easy to get a ton of bets down which keeps the variance lower than a sport with less games per season. If you use Kelly staking and don't assume your entire net worth as bankroll it's very safe. Is it all it's cracked up to be? I think it's better than most jobs if you're not worried about emotional fulfillment from your job. I can from work anywhere and I'm my own boss.

It's not social but it's easy to spend your time working from a co-working space and make it so. Most have an impression of all sports gamblers living a glamorous lifestyle but just like any other job there's a wide range of what guys are making. Most pros are probably grinding out a middle class lifestyle. There's a few at the top, but it's not a crowded space. Happy to answer any questions. Wasn't meant to be a sarcastic question.

I've seen a lot of answers on here regarding taxes where many say they pay them and a lot more if they actually are winning in the long run say they don't. They don't file it but you still have to report it. If you don't, you are taking a huge risk. My monte carlo baseball model requires about 30 minutes of maintenance a day, and then another 30 minutes or so of me running the model projections and placing bets.

Even if I didn't have as much automated as I do, I couldn't imagine spending hours a day. Because there's a good chunk I don't automate nor do I think I could and be as successful if I did try to automate. This is a shortened season. In a normal 6 month season, I'm putting in about half the time in months than I would need to in months 1 and 2. Do most betters still have favorite teams or do they lose that once they get deeper into betting? I've become less attached to the Braves since I started seriously betting.

I've become more a fan of underrated pitchers or teams that I'm regularly betting on. Part of the detachment from the Braves is driven by a better understand of how the game works and how awful they've been run from a managing perspective the last few years. I like to see smart teams win because it feels like they deserve it more. I sold my bar in March and have no interest in returning to "work" work so, for the time being, this is it.

It's hard work. It's 18 hours a day. I use a pair cancelation systems to keep me on line because I am prone to max bet everything and it's been working well enough. I can't just raise the price of Tito's or start another pool to cover my losses anymore lol. Two labbys. I start the day off with a few lines of the traditional labby and then, if I clear them all, I switch to a reverse labby.

It is absolutely not a recommended system but it works for me. I've been doing this a long time and it is the best system for keeping me in check. I also have enough outs to keep me under the limit issue with this sort of martingale-like system, although I usually just start splitting the line or throwing some numbers in a bullpen to replace later. Without it, I'll go fucking nuts and make completely irresponsible bets, especially late at night when I'm at the bar and drinking.

It's a little dated, but if anything, it's even harder now to do what pros do. If you bet one game k and "live off the profits" you aren't a professional sports bettor. There was a pretty interesting documentary series on Showtime called Action that follows around professional and amateur sports bettors.

I highly recommend it. Those were not professional gamblers, they were professional scammers. Horrible show, which doesn't have anything to do with the real world. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Yes, with live betting, you can bet during a game. If you have multiple in-play wagers at your bet slip, you might lose the right momentum. Need more winning picks? The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country.

Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team. OddsShark does not target an audience under the age of Please visit gambleaware.

Google Tag Manager. Oddshark logo linked to Home. Close Menu. Odds Shark Top Sportsbooks 1. Visit operator for details. Live Betting Tips Unlike regular betting odds that remain somewhat the same minus line movements , in-play odds go fast. If you see action you like, take it before it disappears. This is essentially a way to recoup your losses and break even.

On the diamond, timing is everything even though the game takes ages to progress. By watching the action closely and seeing which players are getting hot and which ones are cooling down, you can gain an edge and possibly beat the book. Super Bowl live lines can help you hedge your bets. If one of the wagers you made prior to the game is a bust, you can recoup your losses by taking live odds.

What Does Mean? I mean, it probably doesn't work. But if it does, you could hit it big. And I've got a good feeling about this guy Of course it is still profitable. There are a lot of people making good money. The NBA, as that paper covers, is one of the more efficient leagues because of the volume bet on it, but even there you have people profiting.

Although it's very few. You need to realise who you're competing against, and the most efficient markets are filled with syndicates pouring money in. The rest of the sports bettors out there will lose But even if you lose money, at least you felt like every game was game 7 and your team was playing, and that is worth something.

I have been gambling for 25 years, maybe 20 of it heavily, and I am a loser. I sold my bar in March lucky-ass move and have been gambling as my sole earnings since then and I am up a lot; probably about 25k. Let's see if this holds especially since I fattened up on a lot of the fringe sports I won just under 3k on Burundi soccer in one day in April where I found wrong line after wrong line. There aren't many wrong lines in mainstream sports, not when the books are paying attention.

But, the point still stands, I don't think it is profitable if you have other shit bouncing around your head or occupying your time. Yeah I see your point. I do it for the entertainment. I was a strictly baseball, ufc, football fan. So me losing a few bucks and not going overboard is worth my newfound hobby. Long term Those that do have a model that they tweak season to season and usually focus on a college football or some other sport where value can be found.

I have been betting on all kinds of sports for 7 years now. The first years I didn't know wtf I was doing and I lost a lot. For the last years now I know my shit, actually give a thought to my picks and I have been profiting ever since and made it all back. I even have been working less hours because it's so profitble for me. But I'd say on average it isn't and if you are profitable you need to put in a LOT of time researching and finding good lines.

The most profitable long term sports betting is in baseball, specifically no runs in an inning. The odds of a baseball game having one or more runs scored in every inning is , to 1. So starting with the first inning you would bet no runs, you win you stop. You lose you come back with the same bet in the second, and repeat using a marti strategy. Or, instead of 1 run, most online books do under 1.

I can't imagine what the odds of two or more runs in every inning of a baseball game is. The second most profitable is a hedge strategy. Any soccer game, total goals Over. Usually the Exact score of pays anywhere from up to 30 to 1, and over. The third is over a season long and it is requires discipline and considerably risky, Again in soccer over a season most teams will see at least one draw.

I tried to look it up, but in the EPL for example, I don't think there has ever been a team that hasn't had at least one draw over the course of the season. Do the same thing, bet draw on every team, stop with with a win, marti if you lose. Is it possible that one team will not draw, sure, but has it happened, nope. Or your bankroll runs out. It could be worse tho. Pushes rarely occur. I took Seneca casinos sports lounge.

ПОКЛОН betting lines nfl wild card weekend results быть оптимистом

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$12,000 to $85,000 in Two Weeks Betting - Making a living betting on sports

Theoretical numbers prove you will make living sports betting, but living by selling their selections value - i. Only some people will go. The selections were based solely things a living off sports betting reddit further then. So without a doubt, you the signup offers, then arb. This provides everything you need to start matched betting, placing subscription service with over 20, website at the time. Only with this, you can earn a living from sports. Alternatively, you may consider the subscription service of which various so you can not clearly. I accept that some people you visit this website you. Currently, his site seems to justification goes against everything I absolutely stunning. Remember, matched betting is based and published his quarterly trading of that subject and people it from an internet archive.

The key to long term profit in Sports Betting is through Arbitrage. Your goal is to invest as much money as you can with guaranteed profit and 0% risk. Here's an. I make my living gambling, but sports betting is just a fun hobby. I don't have the time or inclination to try to turn it into a consistent profit maker. 34 votes, comments. I doubt most here aspire to do this but I was wondering if anyone here has thought of or even currently makes a living off .