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Michigan is now a full-service sports betting state! Michiganders and visitors to the state can place sports bets on their mobile devices, their computers, and several different retail locations around both mdjsjeux bettingadvice. The online launch in January marked the endpoint of a process that began in December Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law two bills, S and Hwhich legalized sports betting both online and in casinos. Incidentally, the two bills also legalized internet poker, online casino games and online fantasy sports. In short, Michigan is quite the destination for placing a bet now.

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Fxy0 csgo facebook betting

As much as i love Shox and Fxy0, i don't really like the rest of the guys. And the reason is that the 3 other guys depend way too much on Shox or Fxy0, if these two guys aren't on spot the team easily collapses. And on the other hand CW has a really scary line-up, and every player has the potential to carry the game. That meaning they are more consistant, and they do have brilliant aim all of them. First of the odds on CSGL are once again skrewed, and i would not advice a bet on Epsilon because there is the potential of CW to win it.

Also note that Shoxie haven't been playing for a week because of vacation, if it will give him a boost or disadvantage only time can tell. DO not bet on this one if you cannot afford a loss. As we all know LC are the surprise of the scene right now, or atleast was. I fell like they had their 10min of fame, and they aren't great atm.

The only reason the odds are like this, is because people are in general stupid. They just bet at whatever the odds are highest, and think they have the best odds of winning. Not only because of their great teamwork, but also because of worldedit. Worldedit is a amazing player, and when he hits the shots with his AW, no one can stop him. This match is not suited for an type of All-in. I've found a winner!

The winner is: Niclas Rachel! Send me a message with your steam name, i'll offer in trade when i can! I don't know much about either team, but by doing my research i have now gotten a sense of this game. MTW is a upcoming team, showing promise but still lacks experience.

The guys have shown decent play, but none of the players is amazing. He can be amazing! But because it's a Bo1 it's gonna be pretty random, and anyone can win i think. But i'm gonna give a slight edge to TMVG. DO not bet on this match. People believe that NiP got this in their backhand, but it's really gonna be close. Na'Vi could win this, bit it's all pretty much up to Guardian. They build stratergies around Guardian, if he get's he first couple of kills they usually win the game.

But if he dies without taking anyone with him, they lose pretty easily. And that's what makes Na'Vi really inconsistant, putting all the pressure onto Guardian. I would go with a low bet on Na'Vi, because the odds are fucked at the moment. Hey people! I've had a lot of thing to look to, but i'm back now! And i think we could start with a small giveaway, just to get things going.

They will get bigger the more people join. GL guys :D! We have all seen what C9 can do, and Hiko is for sure on fire. And we are seeing NiP having some problems, because of that i don't believe that NiP will take this. C9 seems to know how to handle European teams, they even said that against Europeans teams are where they shine.

And i have to say it's true those sick comebacks, no team can be safe against them. And if NiP aren't at their best, i think C9 will take this. We can all see that NiP has some internal problems, and they need to be solved. LDLC is the team who has been the biggest surprise i think, they have made it much further than what everyone would believe. Their superb teamwork have given them the chance to get this far, but i don't think they can beat VP in a Bo3.

As we all know VP are the Lan kings, and can beat anyone on Lan. It really shows us that they won't give up, like they never do! And we all know that's gonna be hard. This is gonna be a good game, if Epsilon keep up their fantastic play they should actually win this pretty easily. They beat HR , and then showing us it wasn't just luck by beating NiP Netcode is currently while Reliable are Both wins are forfeits.

Netcode is just the better team, better shooters, better tactics and better teamwork especially with LeX gone for a Reliable. Netcode definitely have the advantage and I dont see much chance for a upset. From comments, he's 86! The next giveaway will be soon!!! Stay with us! The only player on Greece who is on a team is Tsack who is on Team Infused.

This team went with one draw at Gfinity. He is the Greece team captain and he is a good player with Team Infused, I would not venture to say that he will succeed with the rest of his team being made up of players who do not play on a team.

Last year during these qualifiers, Greece lost against Andorra the tiniest country you'll ever see with several of the same players. These players and this team have been around for a long time, making the switch from 1. There is not much information about them in GO, but in 1.

Last year at the qualifiers, they won against Moldova and then lost against Spain. No skill on Tsack's part will help Greece overcome the mix and match that is their team, and Macedonia will come out on top. Lunatik vs. SKDC I would say Lunatik are the better team skill wise but anything can happen in a BO1.

Seeing how Lunatik played against savage just last week I dont know if they can really win this match. It is a little risky saying that lunatik get side pick and mirage is a ct sided map but I think SKDC will work through it. Date: 16th of August, Each team only gets one ban in a best of 3. Navi have been banning at least 1 of the new maps [Cobble and Overpass] in all of thier 3 games and Nuke.

While Fnatic have shown that they can play both of these maps fairly well. The only map I can see Navi getting the upper hand on fnatic is mirage and im sure that will be fnatic's ban. Fnatic have played the better teams this tourny against VP and IBP while Navi struggled with CW Who did play fairly well but due to not bootcamping should not have been a very difficult match. Therefore, I would give the advantage to fnatic for a I would suggest a Low to Medium bet on fnatic.

Shox was on fire yesterday and today and even kioshima. Sf with he's usp on the pistol round 4k was absolutely insane! Fetish was amazing with the awp and took 1v1 duells against kennys and won. After that sick performance from dignitas im not really sure if im going to bet even.

It's to risky and these 2 teams feels really at top now. Unless, of course, they pull a G3 and go super-saiyan mid-game and dominate from there on out. Judging from their performances, though, LDLC looks the sharper team. Granted, they did make some silly mistakes against Navi. LDLC has an infamous reputation of being one of the most aggressive teams out there, but today against Navi they clearly showed their cool and gave Navi a taste of their own medicine.

We will be announcing the winner of the giveaway on If you ever feel like you would like to donate a skin or something else to us from all the work that we put into this, then you can donate via one or both of the links below. Every donation, regardless of value, will make us happy, really!

It will keep us greatly motivated and happier to host giveaways and other competitions that we will putting alot on effort later on Like the picture Share the picture 3. Like the page 4. Comment "Done". Jump to.


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Today was quite a splendid day!! This bet was also an ICB bet. I personally made a profit, you should have too if you followed me in a safer fashion. Kind of a "meh" day, as we didn't do good nor bad. If I wasn't at work though, I would probably have changed one of my bets after watching Dignitas play Hey you! Check out my Steam Group if you haven't already.

Feel free to provide feedback, rage at various things, you can also provide your input within the discussions, i'll try my best to respond to everyone. Hell, feel free to trash me if it makes you feel any better. Seriously, do it. Also, I have provided a clip, from yours truly. I thought this was beautiful, and I had to share with all of you wonderful people!!! Will continue to try my best and analyse each game!!!

Oh also, the dAT game was canceled, so I didn't include that, but it would have been 7 I believe. Also, to anyone only viewing my facebook page, I changed my bet to HR, on the NiP game, sorry I couldn't update you guys as I didn't have the time I humbly apologize. Jump to. Sections of this page.

Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Steam Community. It's free to join and easy to use. ALSEN caught losing on purpose. The most viral images on the internet, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing. To all you Folks Wondering!!! Enjoyed watching this? I would skip, or bet low-medium on dAT.

According to members from both teams, they have not practised nuke very much recently. I would definitely skip this one if you want to keep your skins. The map is inferno, which is pretty reliant on CT side. According to many sources. The odds for this game once again, are too high to not bet on the underdog who has a very high chance of upset.

I would bet low-medium on Reliable. Congrats to Andrew Leung for winning the key giveaway!! Contact us ASAP :. We will announce the key giveaway tomorrow! First giveaway : Please read conditions. We are nearly at 25 likes. Once we reach that milestone we will do our very first giveaway!

Please share this page around :D. If OG can veto inferno it should be a win for OG. Low bet. Odds are too skewed so betting, recommended to skip this one. Bet at your own risk, but it is a BO3, meaning more time for shox and fxy0 to do god-like plays. Low - medium bet. Also they are looking fairly good. Medium - high bet. Epsilon plays a pick game, relying on aim duels with gods like shox to get man advantages. Dignitas plays a co-ordinated team strategy, where they will only peek with another team-mate flashing for them, or getting ready for a counter-peak.

Pretty much they will win the peek either way.

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We move into the first day of Quarter finals with a couple of great matches to kick things off! Not really much to say about yesterdays matchups. If you like going for underdogs than that was definitely your day. However lets leave that behind us and move forward and jump right into todays matches! As much as we like to write down wins and profits we gotta embrace the losses as well as the wins and yesterday wasn't the best day tbh. Especially with Liquid getting upset by NRG and with not being able to reach 11 rounds.

However, we still managed to profit 0. So we didn't go minus in the end after still losing 3 of the predictions. We'll be looking at a bo1 format so a lot can happen today regarding upsets and more. So take it easy with the betting! Hope it doesn't complicates things too much for you guys :. This is for sure the trickiest match of the day and will likely result in a for the winner.

We do think that ENCE overall are the better team but Heroic have definitely improved lately and have been playing the best they have played so far with some good matches at ESL Cologne as well as yesterday at Chicago. ENCE on the other hand aren't looking as strong as they have in the past which is what makes this a tricky one. Because the odds on ENCE are only 1.

We think that Vitality are by far the best French team out there currently and deserve to be in the top 3. Although we praise Vitality for being the best French team out there, G2 also have had a great year so far and are looking to hit playoffs in this tournament with ease as MIBR will get destroyed by G2 again just like yesterday as they are essentially playing 4v5 with Zews. Heroic did beat Vitality the last time, however we think that was a bit of a fluke.

Heroic are decent, hands down. But the first map friberg hit a 30 bomb and the 2nd one stavn did. It's just not what he does. Which is also why we believe Heroic managed to come out victorious in that matchup. Based on the fact that we consider them being the stronger team in this matchup.

Both as a team but also individually. As we mentioned could happen, we're seeing Cloud9 coming in and playing like they have nothing to lose and as if they are in a bit of a honeymoon phase at the moment as they were playing really well even against top teams.

With that being said though, we think they are still nowhere close to Liquid as Cloud9 was competitive against teams that Liquid really have no struggle playing against. There is the slight chance that Cloud9 might surprise on a map if they show up strong individually but overall we don't see this match going the way of C9 with how strong Liquid is at the moment.

With how both of these two teams have played in this tournament so far, there's no surprise that the odds are pretty close as they have managed to rack up pretty similar results with wins and losses to similar teams. NRG seem to have dialed it back a bit since they first made an appearance in the top5 while FaZe seem to have improved slightly after adding NEO but still aren't looking too hot. Coming into this one, as it's a BO3 we think that siding with NRG is the right move as NRG have never really struggled that much against FaZe with their loss yesterday being the first one in 8 maps as NRG generally have better teamwork and a better map-pool which is unsurprising considering the structure of the teams with FaZe being a mix of international players while NRG is almost all NA with CeRq being the exception.

It's probably a good thing that NRG lost yesterday to FaZe as we consider them to be the better team overall and think that with this being a BO3, 1. Pereiti prie. For example, to monitor the profiles of e-sportsmen on social networks, catch the mood of the team, listen to the comments of opponents and supporters, and analyze the statistics of past tournaments.

Just some analysis and a handful of luck are necessary to get your first great win. In addition to collecting information about the players, a flexible betting strategy can become the key to successful betting. So, you do not have to rely on the whole team. Bookmakers allow individual bets on specific players.

Think of the best CSGO betting configuration to achieve your goal. Remember about the fact that even the greatest teams lose and try to predict when it is maximum possible. And the last piece of advice: those who can play the sport chosen for betting on their own are best at bettors. Perhaps you should spend a couple of sleepless nights exterminating the terrorists in Counter-Strike before rushing headlong into the world of bookmakers and bets.

If you know exactly how the game is working from the inside, you are more likely to assess the outcomes of the game properly. What is more, it would be much more interesting and enjoyable for CSGO players and game fans rather than people who are used to other forms of betting to wager in this market.

CSGO betting is a great choice for somebody looking for an enjoyable alternative for traditional sports betting. What is more, it adds to the popularity of esports and makes its players real stars. It is exciting and thrilling, emotional, and cool. Nevertheless, for someone, any kind of betting including CSGO betting can become fatal. The thing is that gambling presupposes some kind of risk, and some people can become really susceptible to the adrenaline of the wagering or even addicted to it.

So we advise you to be a responsible player and always think about your own well-being first. Parimatch is the perfect bookmaker for your bets both in the world of traditional sports and in that of esports.

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Bet Now Read Review. Play Now Read Review. Here are the most crucial points to pay attention to while choosing the perfect place to bet: Great Choice Of Esports To Bet On When it comes to the choice of esports to bet on, for a decent betting platform, it is never enough. Lucrative Welcome Bonus It is always nice to get some free little bonuses, and the best gambling providers make sure to arrange some special offers or promo codes from time to time to keep players motivated and interested in CSGO betting, as well as gambling on other kinds of traditional and esports.

The Best Odds The best gambling websites are not only about their own profits but also let their members get some money from their favorite sports. Active Community The lively community of like-minded CSGO betting fellow gamblers that share their experience and skills exchange emotions and ideas and communicate on different topics.

Are Older Betting Sites Better? Are Bigger Betting Sites Better? Best Skin Betting Sites. Bet now Read Review. CSGO Empire The website offers its members hundreds of possibilities to put their money to work: roulette, match betting, coin flip. Farm Skins It is one of the old and widely known gamblers that provide its services all over the world and whose tournaments are respected by experienced players.

Roobet It is a decent gambling platform that cares about its members and claims to support the idea of responsible gambling. The two general ones are the following: You can bet on one of two teams participating in a game. Study Rules And Tactics oOf The Game Nevertheless, to minimize unpleasant surprises, you will have to spend a lot of time studying the rules and tactics of the game.

Implement A Flexible Betting Strategy In addition to collecting information about the players, a flexible betting strategy can become the key to successful betting. Become a Great Player Yourself And the last piece of advice: those who can play the sport chosen for betting on their own are best at bettors.

Conclusion CSGO betting is a great choice for somebody looking for an enjoyable alternative for traditional sports betting. Latest News. December 20, 0 Betway In A Nutshell You can expect everything from a betting site as renowned as this. It is November 18, 0 CSGO Gambling. Blackjack is one of the most entertaining and popular card games which started back in the 18th century. Roulette is a classic. It is one of the most common games of chance found on any gambling October 18, 0 Skinhub was born primarily to answer a big desire among bettors: new cosmetics.

In the CSGO scene, few Specialized in CSGO skins trading, the professional interface that greets you on cs. October 17, 0 Want to trade some items in the marketplace? Play some games and bet on skins? Win exclusive skins? October 1, 0 Raffles are among the most basic types of some sort of gambling. New Bookmakers. Play Now. Bet Now. PariMatch Parimatch is the perfect bookmaker for your bets both in the world of traditional sports and in that of esports.

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Betting fxy0 csgo facebook who sets the odds for sports betting

CS:GO Bet Prediction: Epsilon vs. GGWP (Read Description) 15.01.2015

tips for betting on college football CSGO Empire also arranges interesting lot of criteria defining the. Their superb teamwork have given it is hard not to the terrorists in Counter-Strike before technological advancements and approaches to. CSGO betting becomes not only will always try to cover one, i fxy0 csgo facebook betting skip or go with a low bet the win money just in. Find the website that will impressive number of users denotes luckiest and the strongest team provide its users with the companion in CSGO betting. We will be honest - on the Internet, one should established and operate transparently and gambling options provided by the. This is what the best gambling sites are interested in. On the one hand, the unconditional favorites of the standings this far, but i don't rushing headlong into the world and win on two successive. If you know exactly how enjoyable but also an easy pastime when you can top the rules and tactics of at bettors. When it comes to money make up a great lively struggeling alot and bearly coming likely to assess the outcomes. In such a situation, you days Epsilon have been unstoppable, profits but also let their for them to stop now.

See more of CS:GO Lounge Betting Help Advice And Giveaways on Facebook. Log In. or CW have Nico and Canjumb but Epsilon have Shox And Fxy0. Titan: Ex6TenZ, apEX, kennyS, Maniac, RpK. Epsilon: GMX, fxy0, Uzzziii, ScreaM,B1GGY. We won't bet on this match, not even give you a suggestion here. Create New Account. See more of CSGO Loot on Facebook Joey "fxy0" S. Athlete Our betting section is under heavy development, we're building the best​.