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Michigan is now a full-service sports betting state! Michiganders and visitors to the state can place sports bets on their mobile devices, their computers, and several different retail locations around both mdjsjeux bettingadvice. The online launch in January marked the endpoint of a process that began in December Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law two bills, S and Hwhich legalized sports betting both online and in casinos. Incidentally, the two bills also legalized internet poker, online casino games and online fantasy sports. In short, Michigan is quite the destination for placing a bet now.

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ColinCib says:. FrankJeR says:. WeluggTraum says:. Kennethbam says:. Gau i. Setzer Gabbiani j. Strago Magus k. Relm Arrowny l. Gogo m. Mog n. Umaro 4. The Walkthrough a. World of Balance b. World of Ruin c. Side Quests d.

Kefka's Tower 5. Frequently Asked Questions 6. Espers b. Magic c. Lores d. Rages e. Dances f. Weapons g. Armour h. Relics 7. Bestiary 8. Colosseum a. Weapons b. Armour c. Relics d. Items 9. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Because I want to write one. And there's obviously some market for another one out there, because you're reading this, aren't you?

This is not an expert's guide. I am not an expert at this game, I have never claimed to be. I am, however, quite experienced, having beaten the game seven times, and my walkthrough is designed to get you through the game, enjoying the fantastic storyline, but also seeing the Game Over as few times as is possible without spending exorbitant amounts of time getting every single little thing, as it really is unnecessary.

It took a LOT of hard work on my part to write it, and I don't want anyone stealing on it on me! I'm flexible enough when it comes to people using it; you can download it, print it for your own personal use, hell, even e-mail it to your friends unaltered, I don't care. But if you want to post it on your own website, or submit it to another website, you sure as shootin' better e-mail me and ask permission to do so, or you will be in trouble.

I don't get any money for it, and I wrote the thing, so why should you? I feel much better now. As of version 1. Final Fantasy VI is c Squaresoft. I am not part of, know anybody who is part of, or have anything to do with Squaresoft. Yay me! Version 1. Bear with me. In this section, I'll go through the story of the game, only the very preliminaries though, and a runthrough of the menu of the game, along with everything it can do.

Unlike my walkthrough She is enslaved by Empire, with the Slave Crown on her head. Upon meeting the Esper, in the mines of Narshe, she is found and rescued by Arvis, a member of the Returners, a local resistance movement. The Returners want Terra to help then, help them bring down the Empire who are trying to destroy the whole world by getting the power of Magic for themselves.

Terra's in a bind, not knowing what is the right way to turn, not knowing who she is or why she has such an ability as Magic. All will soon become revealed, however You'd be surprised how many people DON'T know simple things like controls.

If you don't know the menu, you won't get too far in the game. So here is my best shot at explaining all it's features, and just how to do everything. Unless you've sorted them previously, they'll be listed in the order you picked them up. You've got several options here: Use: To actually use an item, you have to select Use, then the item to use. Only items listed in white are usable. Obviously the only usable things outside battle are recovery items, both health-recovery and status-recovery.

Some various things like Warp Stones are also usable outside battle. Sort: Use this option to sort your list of items into groups. All the recovery items will be placed at the top of the list, followed by all the weapons sorted by type , then all the relics. Useful to press every so often, just to make things neater. Rare: A list of all the rare items collected over the course of the game. Some of them have a purpose, eg. Some have zero purpose, eg. When you select the command, you will be prompted to select a character to see the Skill screen for.

Once you've selected a charater, you can easily switch characters by pressing L1 and R1. Espers: To attach or unattach Espers. For a detailed look at what Espers are, you'll have to check out the Esper list, but for now I'll just say that they teach your characters Magic. To attach an Esper, if you have some this option will be greyed out if you don't select Espers, and the name of the Esper you want to attach.

If the name of the Esper is greyed out, it means one of your other characters already has it attached, and you will need to unattach it from them before you can attach it to the new person. Switching Espers on a character is as simple as selecting a new Esper for that character to have, and they will automatically unattach their old one.

Unattaching Espers manually is done by selecting the character to unattach, then selecting a blank spot on the Esper screen. It seems like common sense, but I've seen the question of how to unattach them several times on the FF6 board. Magic: Here you can see all the Magic your character has learnt or is in the process of learning over the course of the game, as well as using the learnt spells that are available for use outside battle.

Greyed out spells are only available for use in battle, and spells with a percentage are ones that are in the process of being learnt with the number being what percentage of the spell has been learnt. The rest of the commands are skill commands, and most will be greyed out for most characters.

Blitz: Only available for Sabin. Here you can see a list of the Blitzes Sabin has learnt, out of a total of eight, plus the input needed to perform them. Tools: Only available for Edgar. Shows a list of the Tools Edgar will have available in battle. None are usable outside battle. Swdtech: Only available for Cyan. A list of Cyan's Swordtech moves, out of a total of eight. Rage: Only available for Gau. A list of all the Rages Gau has learnt, out of a total of Lore: Only available for Strago.

A list of the Lores Strago has learnt, out of a total of Dance: Only available for Mog. A list of all the Dances Mog has learnt, out of a total of eight. Well, the Equip menu is where we go to do it. Once you select Equip, you'll be prompted to select a character to equip things to. As always, once a character is selected, you can always quick-switch them by pressing L1 and R1. R-Hand: Weapons go in the right hand. Geez, where's all the left-handed characters?

Select R-Hand, and the slot beside R-Hand on the list is selected, and a list of available weapons to equip will open up on the bottom left of screen. Weapons in grey are non-equippable. Select a weapon from the list to equip the weapon. This will replace the weapon the character is currently holding if any. L-Hand: Unless your character has the Gauntlet or Genji Glove relics, the left hand will hold a shield.

If they have a Genji Glove, equip a weapon as per right hand, if Gauntlet, this space stays empty. Upon selecting L-Hand, you can equip a shield to go in the left hand, and a list of shield in inventory will appear. Shields greyed out are un-equippable. Select a shield from the list to equip it, replacing the shield a character is already holding if any.

Head: This selects a piece of armoured headwear. Body: Here's where the serious stuff comes in. Plate armour and the like. Similar to the previous three options, Body gives you the power to select a piece of armour for the character to wear on their body. Select Body, choose an item, and it will equip it to the character, replacing their current armour if necessary. Optimum: A lazy person's best friend, this command de-equips what armour and weapons the character currently has equipped, and attaches the best possible best meaning best boost to your stats armour and weapons based on what you currently have in your inventory.

Handy, but not always useful, depending on what point you are at in the game. Empty: Exactly what the name suggests. Removes all weapons and armour from your character. There are two commands on the Relic menu: Equip: Upon choosing Equip, the arrow will move to the two slots your character has for Relics.

Choose a slot, and a list of available relics appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. All Relics in the list are equippable. Selecting a Relic from the list equips it to the character, replacing what they had in that slot if anything. The process can be repeated for the second slot. Empty: Removes all relics from your character. L1 and R1 can be used to quick-switch between characters. There are no options on the Status screen, except for Gogo's screen. Gogo can select the command it uses in battle on the status screen.

See Gogo's character section for more info. Tampering with these screens is really unnecessary unless you know what you're doing, and I don't even know what half of the options do. So best just to leave them alone.

Only appears when your party or one of your parties is standing on a save point. To Save, select save, and you are prompted to save to Memo, Slot 1, or Slot 2. Memo is good if you're like me and save veeeery frequently, and it saves quickly. That's why it's best not to rely on Memo saves all the time. It's slow, and if you save every five seconds like me, I wouldn't use this option every time.

But do use it, to keep a hard copy of your saved game. After a few e-mails saying that my guides were too expert and did not cater enough for newer players who don't know the first thing about RPGs, and battling in particular, I decided to add this section to my guide. When you get into a battle, you will notice your character's details on the bottom right of screen - their HP, and their ATB, or active time bar.

The ATB fills automatically, and when it is full for one character, then that character can have their turn. When a character's turn comes up, they have a number of options at their disposal. Attack: Selecting the Attack command, then selecting an enemy, means your character deals out a normal attack with the weapons they have equipped.

If they have no weapons, they will attack with their bare hands. The second slot on the command list is different, depending on the character. Each command works differently. See their respective character sections for more info. Magic: If your character has at least one magic spell learnt, or an Esper equipped, this command will be available to you. Selecting it will bring up a list of Magic the character has learnt.

Also on the Magic menu, you can summon the Esper you have equipped. Once the Magic list comes up, press Up to select the Esper, and confirm the choice. Effects of summoning Espers vary greatly, see the Esper section for more info.

Each character can summon their Esper only once per battle. Item: As the name would suggest, this option allows the character to use an item. Selecting it brings up a list of items you have in your inventory. Only items listed in white are usable in battle. To use an item, simply select it from the item list, then select the target of the item if applicable. For a Phoenix Down, select the item Phoenix Down then choose whom you want to revive.

Weapons and shields but not armour can also be changed in battle using the Item command. When the list of items appears, press Up to get the character's weapons. Select either the weapon or shield, then select the replacement weapon or shield from the list, to switch them over. Once your character has selected an action for their turn, they must wait until everything else that had selected actions previous to them have completed their turns. They will then carry out their action, and the ATB bar will start to fill again, repeating the process.

Enemies can attack at any time, they have no ATB bar. Often enemy attacks are physical, though sometimes they can be magical, either elemental, non-elemental, or status-changing. Physical attacks are defended against with shields and armour, as are some elemental attacks.

Depending on the type of elemental attack a character is hit with, and the elemental armour they wear, several things can happen. If the elements oppose each other eg. Good thing. If they are the same element eg. For any other combination, attack is in most cases normal elemental attack.

Status attacks are different. You can both inflict them with spells and be inflicted with them. A list of all status attacks, what they do, and how to cure them, will be added shortly, in the next update of this guide.

If you lose the battle, you will be returned to the time and location of your last save. All items and spells you have gained since your last save will be lost, but all levelling up you have done will remain. I'm done with game basics.

All characters are unique, they come with their own unique stats and special skills, so it might be a good idea to get a hold of who they all are first, and just what they're capable of. On the run from the Empire, Terra is one of only two characters in the game that can naturally use Magic. By naturally, I mean, without the use of Espers. Although she doesn't have the highest strength stat available, she is very proficient with Magic, having the second highest base Magic stat in the game.

She starts with Fire and Cure, she soon learns Antdot, and as she levels up, she will learn Magic slowly although, once you get access to the power of Espers, this natural ability kinda becomes pointless. When Terra gets to level 99, she will learn Ultima if she hasn't already.

This ability is only available after you regain her into your party after destroying the Magitek factory. When the bar reaches zero, she will revert back to human form. However, before you go thinking "cool, I'll get her to Morph in every battle" it is a good idea to note that Morphing takes a toll on Terra, and the more often she Morphs, the less time she can hold her Esper form for.

And when Terra morphs, it may be several battles before she is able to do it again. It's generally a good idea to hold off on the Morph skill until big boss battles, and if you use it sparingly she will be able to hold Esper form for a long time, and do a lot of damage.

He's not the strongest character in the game, in fact, he's pretty much average in most of his stats, but one in which he stands out is Speed. He's faster than all other characters, and when equipped with the Running Shoes relic or cast with Haste, he sure does take turns fast.

Not an entirely useful character, but important nonetheless. Selecting Steal will have Locke try and steal anything he can from the enemy on screen of your choice. This could be items such as Tonics and Potions, or sometimes weapons and armour. At the beginning of the game, his success rate is very low, as his success rate increases greatly as he levels up. His success rate also goes up when you give him the Sneak Ring relic. If you equip the Thief Glove relic, the Steal command changes to Capture, meaning Locke also attacks the enemy as he attempts to Steal.

This Capture command is somewhat replicated when equipping Locke with the ThiefKnife, doing so means he will randomly attempt to steal from an enemy when attacking. Figaro is supposedly allied with the Empire, but Edgar secretly supports the Returner resistance movement. His Strength is a great asset early in the game, and still remains useful right until the end.

IMO, one of the best characters to have and to keep in your party. His AutoCrossbow prove a godsend early in the game, in particular while travelling through Mt. New tools are obtained by either finding them i. Some of the tools inflict status ailments, i. Bio Blaster, Noise Blaster, and Flash; Debilitator is good for creating weaknesses in those enemies that just don't want to die; but if you want to really pack a punch, look out for his Drill and Chain Saw.

The Drill is more reliable, and is available for purchase as soon as you reach Figaro Castle. Sabin was also heir to the throne of Figaro, but opted for his freedom from the responsibility and went to train in martial arts with Duncan. This martial arts training gives Sabin the highest Strength stat in the game, as well as the best special skill. I wouldn't be surprised if a new player to this game or an experienced one, if you're like me would choose to rely entirely on his Blitzes, not having Sabin attack normally at all.

If you do choose to have him attack normally, he doesn't equip the same swords as the rest of the party, preferring to equip such gear as knuckles and claws. Where's the fun there!? Sabin also has a high Magic stat, and if he is always in your party, naturally he will learn the most spells. Some might choose to use Sabin for his Magic power other than his Blitz power. The choice is yours. In FF6, that character is Sabin.

His Blitzes are special commands that depend on inputting a certain combination of buttons after choosing the Blitz command. For people used to fighting games, this sort of idea may be old hat. I'm not really good at the Blitzes, but if you can master them, Sabin is one powerful mother! He learns the Blitzes slowly as he levels up, culminating in learning Spiraler at level However, his best and most devastating Blitz, the Bum Rush, isn't available until you get the airship in the World of Ruin.

Until then, Blitzes like Air Blade, Fire Dance, and Suplex make mincemeat out of everything, their attack power is out of this world. In terms of defensive Blitzes though, I've never found much use for Spiraler or Mantra, I mean, why would you want to kill off the best character to heal the other ones? He comes and goes like the wind All these sorts of characters seem to hang around in pubs. Being the bad guy he is, he never seems to want to join your party voluntarily, preferring to get paid for his efforts, and disappearing whenever he sees fit.

It's best not to rely on Shadow, as you can't guarantee he'll be around when you need him, but he is a strong character. As well as his strength, you will find a lot of weapons that can be used by Shadow only, such as the Imperial, Striker and Assassin, all which deal a serious punch.

Shadow also has the power of his dog, Interceptor, on his side. Whenever Shadow blocks an attack, there is a chance that Interceptor will come in and attack the offending enemy, dealing out a hell of a lot of damage. I'm talking in terms of damage when Sabin's dealing out damage with his Blitzes. Serious power.

Never underestimate the Interceptor. Any sort of sword, Shadow has the ability to throw, plus special objects such as Tack Stars and Shuriken. It IS wise to keep a good supply of the cheap and easily replaceable Shuriken for Shadow to throw; dealing out damage for 30 GP the price of a Shuriken isn't too bad in my book. Well, not exactly "naturally", as her Magic ability comes from being infused with Magicite as a child. She gets involved in the story when she is imprisoned for being a traitor to the Empire, and she is saved by Locke.

Like Terra, she has a high Magic stat, and will also learn spells naturally as she levels up, culminating in Ultima at level She starts with Ice and Cure, and her Cure will prove useful until you gain the ability to learn Cure 2 and 3 using Espers. If Celes is equipped with a sword that has the Runic ability, and she uses the Runic command, she will absorb the next spell cast in that round by friend or foe, doesn't matter which and gain the amount of MP it cost to cast the spell.

Be it Cure, Fire 3, or Ultima, Celes will Runic it, and quite possibly save one or all of party members from a nasty death. The only downsides to this are: the Runic ability only lasts one turn, and as soon as Celes selects a command in her next turn, the Runic ability wears off even if she hasn't actually completed her next turn ; and, obviously, curative magic can't be cast on your party while Celes is busy Runic-ing everything that comes her way.

Cyan hails from Doma, whose residents were all poisoned by Kefka, so Cyan has some serious beef with the Empire. And he has the strength to back it up. Maybe not the strength of a hundred men, but he comes close. For a really powerful combination, try equipping Cyan with the Offering and Genji Glove relics.

Does he now have the strength of eight hundred men? He starts with one, the Dispatch, which is a single swipe, more powerful than his regular attack, and as he levels up he can learn Swordtechs two through five. Swordtechs six through eight can only be learned by completing the Cyan's Nightmare side quest. However, performing Swordtechs is notoriously slow.

When the Swordtech command is selected, the Swordtech bar begins to fill up sloooooowly. To perform the move, you must wait until the bar reaches and highlights the number of the Swordtech you want to perform, then press X. When performing the Dispatch, this isn't too much of a problem, but when performing the Quadra Slam or the Empowerer Swordtechs four and five respectively , it's a good idea to queue up a few character's turns so they can attack while the bar charges.

A youth surviving against all odds A very interesting and unique character, his only power resides in his Rage technique. It is possible to get Gau to use Magic, but utterly pointless as his Magic stat is one of the lowest in the game. When battling on the Veldt, using the Leap command will make Gau join the enemies, and the battle will end. Several battles or maybe only one later, Gau will return at the end of the battle, having learned the attacks of both the enemies you were fighting when he leapt, and the enemies you were fighting when he returns.

Learning all the Rages is tough, as there are !! Using the Rages Gau learns can be done on or off the Veldt, and is fairly straightforward. But once Gau enters Rage mode, and adopts the persona and attacks of a particular enemy, you lose control over him. He will keep performing the selected enemy's attacks until either the battle ends or he is KO'ed, whichever comes first. Gau can be a strong character if he learns the right Rages, but using Rages is very unpredictable as a lot of enemies attack with pure physical attacks and it is impossible to equip Gau with any weaponry.

His love for Maria, and his possession of the world's only airship, are what brings him to the attention of the Returners. He is not a particularly strong character, nor is he rather proficient at using Magic. His third love, gambling, shows up most in the names of his weapons. True to the gambling theme, he uses a slot machine to determine his attacks, and his attacks can range from the very good 7-Flush kills every enemy on screen , to the very bad Joker Doom kills everyone on screen, both your party and your enemies , to the plain bizarre Lagomorph a tiny little creature appears from nowhere and casts a half-Cure spell on your whole party.

Lagomorph is the most common, and to put it bluntly, is pointless. While the damage it causes isn't too bad it's not too good either, though , if you use it often it can leave your party high and dry of GP. Not a good thing at all. You meet Strago in Thamasa, while searching for the runaway Espers, and while he denies his heritage at first, when you help him out, he confesses the truth.

His heritage gives him a high Magic stat, very close to the power of Celes. He is also one of only two characters who can equip Rods for battle, which randomly cast certain spells when the Rod is used as a weapon. His Heal Rod can be a great tool, just don't make the mistake of beating your enemies up with it! Lores are very similar to magic spells, and they use up MP accordingly sometimes quite a lot of MP.

Interesting to note, Strago can learn Lores even if he is KO'ed during the battle, and not revived. Arguably his best Lore, GrandTrain, can only be learned by completing the Avenging Gungho side quest. But that's exactly what Relm is. Granddaughter of Strago, also a descendant of the Mage Warriors of yore. She is the second character that can use Rods as weapons, and also has her own class of "weapons" to use. I say "weapons" because this class of weapons are paintbrushes.

And, even more unbelievably, Relm has, far and away, the highest Magic stat in the game, even higher than Terra and Celes, the natural Magic users. An interesting character, but her strength is also far and away the weakest in the game. It's not foolproof, as she can sometimes fail to sketch, but the better the paintbrush, the higher chance she has of sketching successfully. If she does manage to sketch an enemy, she will use one of their own attacks against them.

This is very hit-and-miss, because, similar to Gau's Rage, a lot of enemies simply use physical attacks, and with Relm's pitiful strength stat, this isn't going to do a lot of damage. When she equips the Fake Mustache relic, she is able to Control the enemies she sketches, and choose which of their attacks if any they use against your party.

Clever, but not really useful. Its stats are only average, which might be seen as a downside, but its versatility makes up for that, tenfold. Gogo not only has the Mimic skill, but you can program whatever three skills you want into the remaining three slots. Programming the skills is simple, simply enter Gogo's status screen, select the slot in the blue box and choose the skill to go there.

Very awesome. When Mimic is selected, Gogo will impersonate the action of the character before it, whether that be casting Magic, using an Elixir, or even failing to perform a Blitz. If Gogo mimics the use of Magic, it will cost no MP, if it mimics using an item, the item will not disappear from your inventory.

Good and very powerful tricks can be performed with the Mimic command, such as equipping one character with the Gem Box and casting Ultima twice, then getting Gogo to mimic and cast Ultima two more times. I like Gogo. It's cool. Apart from being the only moogle who can say anything other than "KUPO! I just gotta ask one question, what on earth is a moogle? Once Mog dances, he will continue to Dance and perform one of a certain set of "moves" until he is KO'ed or the battle ends.

Learning Dances is quite different though. To learn a Dance, Mog must participate and survive a number of battles sometimes only one, though, there seems to be no pattern in one of the eight regions of the world. Eight regions, eight dances, get it? If the region Mog attempts to Dance in is NOT the same as the region of the Dance he is attempting to perform, there's a chance he could stumble and fail. Of course, if the two regions are the same, he will successfully dance and enter berserk mode.

Umaro really has no point of being in this game, he does not relate to the storyline in any way, but hey, he's here, you may as well use him. There's a couple of catches with Umaro, however. One, you have no control over him whatsoever, he's perpetually in berserk mode. Two, you can't equip him with weapons or armour, which means he doesn't do a lot of damage most of the time. The only time he earns his keep is when you equip him with his two special relics, the Blizzard Orb and the Rage Ring.

If he's got the Ring on, he will throw your own party members at the enemy, hitting them for decent damage. If he's got the Blizzard Orb on, he will randomly cast Blizzard on the enemy, dealing out good ice-based duh damage. If you don't have either of the two Relics, Umaro is a very weak character.

You ready for it? Don't get scared now. But there are still those people out there that would try to revive magic and make the world their kingdom, would the same deadly and senseless mistake be repeated? They comment on an Esper having been found there, after all this time They then speak of the girl, who is wearing a Slave Crown and oblivious to their conversation. She's apparently a sorceress cool who once disposed of 50 armoured Magitek soldiers in under three minutes.

Very cool. But she'll follow orders. Watch the pretty scene. When you gain control of the game and the characters, you will be in the main street of Narshe. Wearing your bulky Magitek armour, there's only one way you can go, straight up the street.

So proceed up, killing everything in your way. These first few battles, although simplistic, are a good kind-of tutorial on the battle system of the game, if you're new to this game or this type of game as I was when I played for the first time. Simply toast everything that tries to stop you with your Fire Beam or any other Magitek attack, maybe gaining one or two levels along the way.

At the north end of town, enter the mines, Wedge will comment that the Esper was found in a mine shaft Who knows. Of course, we're about to find out. In the mines, note that the little twinkling light on the left is a save point. Very useful things, save points. Save if you want. If you should desire the information, a kind and informative Moogle will tell you all about them. If you save, or if you don't save, keep heading further and further into the mines, following the only available path.

In time, you will come to a locked gate. Go to open it, and Biggs will break it down. Go to walk through the gate, and another one of those pesky Narshe guards will unleash the first boss of the game on you. HP: MP: Before the battle even begins, Biggs and Wedge will have a discussion about their training in these sorts of matters.

Their advice is simple - don't attack the shell of the Whelk, as it absorbs the energy of the attack then sends it straight back at you. Heh, easier said than done, but try to follow the advice, as the Mega Volts you receive when you don't are painful as all hell. It will withdraw its head into its shell, and if you keep attacking you will be sorry.

Use the time when it's retreated into it's shell to maybe heal up with a few Heal Beams if necessary. Eventually, the Whelk will grrrrrrrrrrrrrr again and pop it's head back out, ready for you to keep attacking. Keep peppering the head with Magitek attacks. Not too bad for a warm-up boss. All of a sudden, the screen turns blue and you enter battle mode sans battle.

As Wedge and Biggs prepare to capture the Esper, the unknown girl steps forward and starts communicating silently with the Esper. The Esper starts emitting light, and while Wedge and Biggs are getting quite confused as to what's happening, the Esper blows them into oblivion. The two remaining start what looks like exchanging electricity, and we fade to black Cut to a house, where our favourite unknown girl is lying in bed.

You are the girl. Even if you're not a girl, you are now the girl, get used to it. If you really did read my character descriptions above, you will know that this is Terra. Sure as shootin', you are prompted to enter her name, which already has the default of, you guessed it, TERRA. Leaving her name as Terra will make following this walkthrough a lot easier. Quickly, Terra starts to regain her memory, starting with her own name. But all is not well in the peaceful town of Narshe, as Imperial soldiers come banging on the door, wanting Terra and the Magitek armour back.

Terra, having no memory at all of her slave days, is understandably quite perplexed. But old man Arvis knows the score here, and shows Terra the back door so she can escape. Once outside, hidden behind the house, head left along the path. When you get out into the open, the guards will spot you, but don't panic, just keep walking slooowly.

Now that you don't have the Magitek armour anymore, it might be an idea to check your weapons and stuff, as taking on slimeball-ian creatures with your bare hands wouldn't be fun, especially when you're as weak as Terra is right now.

Once fully equipped and inside the mines, head up the stairs at the top of the screen, saving again on the right if you wish. Battles will be a tad harder from here on no more pretty Fire Beam, one-two- three-awwwwww , but you'll be able to manage. Of course, the soldiers aren't going to let you get away that easily, and they're following you. Just keep walking away from them oh how nice it would be to run until they corner you. Before they can nab you, however, the floor gives way and Terra falls through.

She hits the ground, hard, and passes out. From this, we can deduce that Kefka works for the Empire, and is, therefore, inherently evil. Kefka also takes Terra through training in the Magitek armour, praising her when she burns everything up. We then see Emperor Gestahl, speaking to a whole group of soldiers, telling them they are going to reclaim what is "rightfully theirs", i.

Don't know about you, but to me, these guys are sounding kinda sucky already. Back in old man Arvis' house, he has called in the local "treasure hunter" aka thief, but that's only a matter of semantics , and tells him his idea of protecting Terra. Locke gets all indignant initially, thinking this has something to do with that "imperial, Magitek-riding witch"!

Well, he's right, it does. But Arvis makes Locke see that it wasn't her fault, she wasn't responsible for her own actions, etc. Reluctantly, Locke agrees, and Arvis tells Locke of his plan. Your task, if you choose to accept it: Save Terra, then go to Figaro and talk to the king.

Back in the mines, Locke rappels down the hole Terra created to find her unconscious on the ground. On a side note, I love the facial expressions these guys have. Locke's appraisal of Terra is a nice one, along with anytime any of them laugh. Anyways, after he's finished wolf whistling minus sound-effects, but the idea is definitely there he goes to pick her up to lift her out of there, but before he gets the chance, soldiers begin pouring into the mine.

Locke is a lil' pissed. A whole bunch of them, one of him. But before he gets to fight, we hear well, read a Kupo!! A few kind Moogles come to lend a helping hand. Well, eleven Moogles to be exact. And boy, does Locke need the help. For anyone who's played a Final Fantasy game before, you should be used to this whole switching-parties thing. If not, it's quite simple.

You've got three groups, two composed entirely of Moogles, and one with three Moogles and Locke. Groups are changed with the Square button. If one group is entirely annihilated, they will retreat back to Terra's prone form with minimal HP. The goal of this little thing is to meet, greet, and kill the commander of the troops before their men get to Terra. There's two ways to go about this, either way, send a group of Moogles out after them.

The Moogles are all higher-levelled than Locke, have higher HP, and better weaponry. Anyway, you can either take out every guard before fighting the commander, which could be good, or you can just make a beeline straight for him, killing only the guards that get in your way. Your choice. Whichever way you choose, the commander is the second boss in the game. Send the Moogles in, for all the reasons I listed above. Once in the battle, focus on the commander.

He has the stronger attacks, so taking him out first would be wise. At this stage, your only option is to Fight, as you have no magic or other moves, though Locke does have Steal if he is in this party. So Fight, Fight, and Fight some more. Attack the commander, then take out the two rabid Lobos when he's done. Not too hard, although the whole process with the guards might take a few attempts. Locke will thank the Moogles for their help, and they will retreat back into their little cavern.

Locke then hoists Terra onto his shoulders hmm, maybe he does have high strength after all! When he finally lays her to rest, he fiddles around until he finds a special switch on the wall. Terra finally comes to, admits she doesn't know anything that's been happening, and Locke simply can't believe she has amnesia.

He keeps fiddling with the switch until it opens a secret entrance to the mine, which he tells Terra to remember for future use. And you will need to remember it. Now that you're out of the mines, remember your task? Head to Figaro. And that's exactly what we're gonna do. But first, if you're new to this game and if you're reading this walkthrough, chances are that you are check out the first house on the left, near the entrance into town.

It's called the Training Room, and you can learn all about the game here, everything from battle strategies to information about status ailments. Absorb all the info you can, then leave Narshe, cos there's nothing more to do here for now.

On the world map, save your game first of all. You can save your game anywhere on the world map, which is quite nifty. Then head in a general southerly direction again, it's the only way you can go until you can come to a desert. Smack-bang in the middle of the desert is Figaro Castle. Head there. Very royal-sounding. At the front door to Figaro Castle, a guard will stop you. However, he recognizes Locke and lets you inside. You could investigate the whole castle now if you wanted, but it's pretty pointless, so just walk straight through to the King's chamber where you will meet all lord and mighty King of Figaro.

Edgar has to be one of the best characters in the game, I swear, cos he's got some of the funniest lines. For an example of that, after introductions take place, and Terra is surprised that someone like Locke knows a king, Locke runs off. Terra wants to know why Edgar is helping her, is it because of her abilities? Edgar responds with "I'll give you three reasons: First of all, your beauty has captivated me!

I'm dying to know if I'm your type I guess your Edgar seems to think he's God's gift to women but then again, most men seem to think that, these days Once you regain control of Terra, there's not a real lot to do in Figaro Castle. After examining everything in sight, emptying all the treasure chests, and doing some shopping, take a rest.

Then head outside to the left tower and talk to the Matron. Here you will get a scene about Edgar's twin brother. Gotta love the guy. Anyways, you learn a little bit about Sabin, and Edgar, and their lives. After the scene is over, head back to the main hall and talk to Edgar.

If I was Terra, I'd be wanting some answers outta this guy too, but unfortunately, you don't get any, not here anyways. Because someone from the Empire has arrived to see Edgar Kefka is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best villain EVER. He's also absolutely hilarious, as you see in this scene as he approaches the castle. Why do you have to live in the middle of nowhere? But his little laugh When you gain control of Edgar, talk to the two guards, then Kefka. Kefka is looking for the "girl of no importance" that he thinks found refuge there Edgar laughs and says he can't keep track of all the girls there, there's more girls there than grains of sand!

Kefka gets mad, stomps his foot a bit, acts all huffy, declares that he truly hopes nothing happens to Edgar's precious Figaro, and stalks off. No prizes for guessing what is going to happen soon. After the conversation is over, and Kefka and his cronies leave, converse with Locke for a short while.

Terra will then appear, and Edgar will excuse himself. As Terra, follow Locke to "your" room in the right tower. There, Terra gets into an argument with Locke about the term "treasure hunter", and finally gets some answers on who Edgar is and why he's helping her. See, on the surface, Edgar pretends to support the Empire, but in actual fact, he's supporting the Returners, an underground resistance movement. Which is why he offered Terra refuge.

Clever, clever, it's all falling into place now, isn't it? Terra knows she used to be part of the Empire, and begins to wonder about which side is right, the Empire, or the Returners. When control switches over to Edgar, you realize that something bad's going down.

Yes, Kefka's attacking Figaro. I said, no prizes for guessing! Edgar thinks Kefka's lost his mind, and frankly, I would, too. Kefka wants the girl, and when Edgar won't bring her out, it's welcome to Kefka's barbecue! Mwa, ha, ha. I love that guy. But Edgar is not to be outsmarted that easily. He's not a master of machinery for no reason, y'know. He's got it all worked out.

Walk back up the stairs and talk to the soldier at the top door, telling him to get ready. Then he, Terra and Locke all jump onto chocobos to escape while the "special machinery" of Figaro castle goes into action. That is one clever castle, I swear. Figaro Submerge Mode initiated!

Okay, so I made the last bit up. Kefka is not to be outdone, however, and he sends two Magitek soldiers after the party. You know how big and tough these guys are, after all, you were one of them for a little while, remember? It's a fairly difficult battle, I'll give you that, tougher than any you've had so far. For a hella funny scene, have Terra use Magic. Edgar gets freaked out, and Locke comments that this kid seems loaded for bear When the two realize that it is, in fact, Magic that Terra is using, the two go nuts, have a bit of a secret convo, swoon, and in general act so weirdly you just gotta laugh out loud.

After the battle, Kefka declares that Edgar is a "son of a submariner" as Figaro goes underground, and Edgar and Locke tell Terra about their mentor, Banon. He quickly apologizes, and Terra is a bit too quick to forgive him, in my book if someone said that to me, I'd be spitting chips for at least a week, I swear. Anyways, Terra agrees to meet with Banon, and Edgar says to get there, they need to go through the cave to South Figaro.

It's not too hard to get to, just head straight and a tad left when you get control of the chocobo. When you see the cave, dismount, and head in. Edgar tells the soldier on guard at the entrance to report back to Figaro, to say that they arrived safely. The guard salutes, is off, and leaves the three of you to encounter the cave. It's not real scary, the Figaro Area Cave. It's not even that difficult. Nothing notable about it at all, really.

Keep going through the cave, when you come to the upside-down T intersection, head to the right and straight down the screen. Once you get to the bottom of the screen, head left and straight up the big flight of stairs.

Maybe a bit of levelling up to be done here too. Continue through, and out of the cave. Try not to blink in the sunlight too much. Just outside the cave and to the right is the town of South Figaro. A lot of them contain things like Potions and Tonics, some contain things more special. Until, upon entering South Figaro for the four zillionth time, I noticed a strange figure in black practically running through the streets.

I figured, what's up with that, so I followed him into the pub. Ah, pubs are good. Me likes pubs. Because he's an extremely interesting looking figure, you might like to have a chat with him. Locke's all up for chatting with him, although he doesn't exactly seem too keen to talk back.

But Edgar realizes he knows this man He'd slit his mama's throat for a nickel! Personally, I reckon he wouldn't, but that's just my opinion. Leave him alone then, and talk to all the people at the bar.


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Get trends, predictions, live odds and futures for Super Bowl here. Source: PointsBet. The under is my favorite bet right now between the sides and total for a few reasons. Read more: Click here for a closer look at the Week 12 matchup between the Chiefs and Buccaneers.

Projection here. Chiefs Wide Receivers : WR Tyreek Hill went so nuclear against the Bucs in Week 12 that I spent the 30 minutes it took to clip all of his touches from that game video. The Bucs switched up their coverages then, but Hill kept getting open. Even at full health, Brown is not an every-down player.

He lines up wide only in three-receiver sets and could even be pushed by Scotty Miller , who scored a long touchdown last game. Read more: Click here for more projections for Running Backs and Wide Receivers, plus charts, data and more. Where is the Super Bowl: Location, city, stadium. Who is playing Super Bowl halftime show ? Who is singing the National Anthem this year? PointsBet is our Official Sports Betting Partner and we may receive compensation if you place a bet on PointsBet for the first time after clicking our links.

Brady and Mahomes were mic'd up for their postgame chat. Stephen Curry reacts to Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry's historic stat line. Carson Wentz seems likely to be traded in the next few days, and the QB apparently has some thoughts on his destination. By Adam Hermann. Tom Brady jokingly devised a master plan to earn himself and his Bucs teammates a few extra bucks from Super Bowl 55, according his QB coach.

The paper later changed the headline. Dak Prescott's franchise tag drama continues in Dallas; the free agency period could also bring cornerback and defensive line help. Washington Football Team is trying to figure out what to do at QB, and their latest decision is extremely intriguing. Jeremy Maclin retired two years ago, but the former Eagles wideout hasn't been sitting around.

The 49ers could use some help with their defensive backs. After LaMelo Ball did not see the court in the fourth quarter vs. Memphis, head coach James Borrego explained the reasoning for his benching. SportsLine's Matt Severance has identified several trends bettors will want to know about this year's Super Bowl referee before placing their bets. For starters, Cheffers has called five games since Patrick Mahomes took over at quarterback for Kansas City, and the Chiefs are straight up in those games.

The first three wins were by double digits, but his two Chiefs games this year involved Kansas City's overtime win against the Chargers in Week 2, and the four-point win over the Raiders in Week The Under has been an incredibly strong trend in Cheffers' playoff games, going since his promotion to referee in That lone Over was the aforementioned Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl, which actually came in Under in regulation before passing the total in overtime.

You can read more about Cheffers' impact on betting results over at SportsLine. Tom Brady is the most prolific playoff quarterback in the history of the league, but one area of his game where he's never made a huge impact is with his legs. He's averaged just 1. He hasn't reached the end zone during the playoffs since , however, and bettors have been lining up to fade him getting a rushing touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Find out more about Tom Brady's rushing props over at SportsLine. The model also enters the Super Bowl on an incredible run on top-rated NFL picks that dates back to the season. Check out which side of the spread he's taking over at SportsLine. He's also in the middle of a profitable run on ATS picks in Bucs games, going on a run on those picks over the last few years.

After simulating this year's Super Bowl matchup 10, times, the model has delivered its top 20 player prop picks for Chiefs vs. Buccaneers, taking strong positions on Tom Brady's passing yards, attempts and interceptions; Patrick Mahomes' passing yards, attempts and touchdowns; and plenty more. Check out all 20 player props picks over at SportsLine.

He's been even better in Chiefs games, where he's put together a run on ATS picks. You can find that pick by heading over to SportsLine. SportsLine's Prop Guide is now live! You can get trends, research and picks from the SportsLine model and experts before the big game on everything from the coin toss to the MVP and plenty in between, including player props, half and quarter odds, largest lead, first and last team to score, successful field goals, sacks, longest TD play and a lot more delivered straight to your inbox.

Get all the information you need before you lock in your picks in SportsLine's Prop Guide. Could they potentially miss the Super Bowl? Here's everything you need to know:. Super Bowl Top five prop bets, from Tom Brady's first pass to the coin toss and more. I have been looking over all of the Super Bowl props offered by William Hill Sportsbook and have identified five that I'm going to put money on. SportsLine's sharpest NFL experts have released their top prop picks for the Super Bowl, with 30 picks ranging from player props including Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce , longest FG, first penalty, largest lead, winning margin, MVP winner and a lot more, with one longshot to-1 play you have to check out.

White who's on an run on all NFL picks.